My Positano, Italy Mistakes (And How You Can Learn From It)

To truly enjoy Positano, Italy, give it more than just a day trip from Sorrento.

As New Yorkers, we’re always trying to do everything fast. But let me tell you, you cannot truly do Positano and Amalfi in a one day trip from Sorrento, Italy so just stop trying.

I mean I did try so you can keep reading if you want to find out why not!

My first mistake was not having more time in my travels. My second was staying in Sorrento, Italy instead of actual Positano.

I stayed at Seven Hostel which is about a 25 minute walk from actual Sorrento. But it’s as nice as a hotel. It was big, fairly well priced and had free breakfast! I love a free meal. Check it out if you’re looking for Sorrento hostels! It was probably one of my favorites in Europe.

Let’s talk location…

Sorrento is about 4 hours from Florence. Positano is an hour from Sorrento and Amalfi is an hour and 40 minutes from Sorrento. So it’s wayyyy too much to try to see all of Positano and Amalfi in one day. I’m sure it CAN be done but it’s just not the way you want to see such a beautiful part of the world is it!?

Getting to Sorrento from Florence

I took a three hour train ride from Florence to Naples where I then took a local train for an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Sorrento. Of course, my friend Chelsea and I got on the wrong train in Naples, too, which set us back about 30-40 minutes. Why do we suck at listening!?

We were told that if we could get to Sorrento without getting robbed on this local train, we were lucky. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP, we were told. But we didn’t find it to be as sketchy as people said. Just don’t take your eyes off of your crap, people!

Getting to Positano From Sorrento

I wished I had done my research about the distance to Positano from Sorrento. Lots of people have the same thought so the buses from Sorrento to Positano are very crowded. They leave about 30 minutes apart.

The drive to Positano is insanely gorgeous so make sure you get a window seat. As someone in our hostel described it, it’s “the most geologically unstable place in the world.” The entire town is built into a cliff. Sometimes it looked like we were driving on the Sea we were so close to the edge. Talk about serious vertigo.

While totally gorgeous, I actually found Positano to be very touristy with not a ton to do. But of course, I was only there for about half a day due to not staying IN Positano. I found the streets packed with people speaking English and the tiny beaches were wall to wall with people. Granted it was July! Prime beach season. But I guess I was hoping for more? Is it so wrong for us to do that during our travels?

With only half a day, there wasn’t enough time to wander the streets, enjoy the beach and check out more than a couple restaurants. And this is ITALY we’re talking about. Some of the best food in the world! You need more than a day to try it all.

The view from above Positano is absolutely breathtaking. Like seriously the view of the town alone is worth it if you’re trying to do this all in one day. So make sure to get to the top of the hills to check it out.

To truly enjoy Positano, Italy, give it more than just a day trip from Sorrento.

To truly enjoy Positano, Italy, give it more than just a day trip from Sorrento.

To truly enjoy Positano, Italy, give it more than just a day trip from Sorrento.

We wanted to make it to Amalfi, too, but unfortunately we didn’t wake up early enough to really do both in one day.

So my advice is don’t try to do Positano as a day trip from Sorrento. It can be done if you really want to make it work but I don’t recommend it. Positano is beautiful, although crowded, and you just need more time to find it’s little charms. I guess that and Amalfi will be a trip for another day!

Have you done a day trip from Sorrento to Positano? What did you think? Tell me all your thoughts, feelings, ideas, general inklings in the comments.